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Square Dance Club

Beginners Classes are from  8  to 10 pm - for location see here. The enrolment period is open all year. During the first few weeks, about ten moves will be taught and repeated with further moves being added each week.
Experienced members will be there to help so if there is anything about which new dancers are unclear or confused, they only have to ask, no-one will mind, and everyone has been a beginner.  We are happy to offer individual guidance and explain any move that is causing a problem.
Learn Square Dancing
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"Square Dancing = Fun and Friendship set to music"

A Fun Activity

Square dancing is a fun activity that is suitable for both singles and couples. It provides you with a fun evening with some gentle exercise. It is enjoyable for all ages and everyone is very welcome.  
The best way to find out what it’s like is to come along and give it a try


The basic step is just that: walking to the rhythm of the music — quite easy really.
The evening is divided into a number of “tips”. Each tip normally has two parts -  a “hash call” when the caller announces various moves in a somewhat random sequence.  This is followed by a “singing call” where a specific set of moves are called.
Each dance or tip is made up of a series of moves called out by the caller in time to the music. Therefore you only need to learn the steps for each move rather than remember a whole dance sequence.  As a beginner you will be dancing with experienced dancers who will help to guide you through the dance.
Square Dancing is very easy to pick up, and even on your first night you will be able to enjoy dancing some basic tips


Once the “Basic” has been mastered, dancing moves up a gear. The ”Mainstream” level builds on moves already learned and continues to develop your dancing skills and technique.

At the end of the Mainstream instruction period, the “new” dancers will be invited to attend our “Graduation Dance” where they will have the opportunity to meet other members of the club and participate in their own “Graduation”. This is a fun party evening. Do not be alarmed at the term “Graduation”, the emphasis is on fun, no-one will be embarrassed, everyone enjoys themselves.

You can access a training aid at Taminations, which will demonstrate each of the moves. Taminations are written and maintained by Brad Christie, webmaster of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club.