The Club Committee

Chairman: Terry Pine on 0118 9503855

Secretary: Ray Turner on 0118 941 7577

Treasurer: Paddy Davis on 0118 947 1360

Caller Contact: Kath Sammars on 0118 947 1360

Tuesday Rep: Brian Starr on 07906 029653

Recruitment & Publicity: Pat Jenkins on 01189760907

Refreshments: Pat Jenkins on 01189760907

Past Chairpersons & 30 years of Club History

Our Club was founded by Terry Pine in the Autumn of 1989. At that time Terry had been graduated at Mainstream level and had a vision that he wanted to share this good-time feeling with others. So he persuaded his family and friends to give him their support.
He bought a few records and some kit, hired a hall and placed ads in the local shops inviting people to  learn square dancing. Much to his surprise the response was good. The rest, as they say, is history...
Since those early awkward days in the cold damp Red Cross hall in Gratwicke Road, (now sadly long gone)
many hundreds of people have passed this way, most  having been taught Square Dancing by Terry.  
The club now meets two evenings a week in warm, bright halls.
One of the strongest traditions within the club is that so many of us love to travel to other dances,
big and small, simply to enjoy square dancing and to meet friends, old and new.

Caller run club  (Terry Pine, caller)

September 1989  -  1991    

Committee run club from 1991       

Past Club Chairmen:  

Robin Derriman  -  1991

Gerry Knight  -  1993

Terry Pine  -  1994

Ricky Davies  -  1995

Tony Dalton  -  1998

Ricky Davies  -  2000

Carol Morgan  -  2002

Roland Uzzell  -  2004

Pat Jenkins  -  2007

Terry Pine  -  2011

Carol Morgan  -  2012

Terry Pine  -  2019

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